Newborn Assessment and Adjustment

Newborn Assessment and Adjustment

Newborn Assessment

Chrissy’s Testimonial

Miller’s Mom

“We are VERY HAPPY and my son loves coming here!”

“She is so much happier since first adjustment!”

“Chiropractic care worked wonders!”

“Chiropractic care through pregnancy was amazing!”

 “After a few quick treatments her head could turn!”

“Dr. Chris is gentle and fun!”

“She helped me!”

 “Dr. Christine Anderson is the best!”

“Pregnancy doesn’t need to be painful!”

I’m 39 weeks, just had another adjustment & am feeling great thanks to Dr. Chris. Pregnancy doesn’t need to be painful!

I’m so glad I’ve had Dr. Chris’ holistic care throughout my pregnancy.

– Maya

“She has helped his system naturally get through!”

A day after our son was born in 2006, he was said to be jaundiced by the medical doctors and nurses at the hospital and kept under bilirubin lights for a few days in the hospital nursery.

As soon as we could, we brought him in to see Dr. Chris to get him checked out and adjusted for a boost to get his system functioning properly to get rid of the jaundice. With a few adjustments, lots of sunlight, breast milk and a homeopathic remedy, our son was rid of the jaundice. With Dr. Chris’ expertise, she has helped his system naturally get through some allergy issues, colds and viruses. He is now 4 ½ years old and sometimes asks to be adjusted when he feels sick or a little off — or he just wants to see Dr. Chris!

Our daughter was born in 2010. When we took her for her newborn exam at the medical pediatrician’s office, she was diagnosed with laryngomalacia and referred to an otolaryngologist for further examination. Our daughter had a whooping cry and took frequent breaks while nursing. In addition to spitting up frequently, she also preferred to nurse on one side.

We were able to take our daughter to see Dr. Chris a few times before we saw the otolaryngologist. She helped explain a few things to us in a way we could understand. Dr. Chris explained that the laryngeal cartilage was soft and quite possibly just needed a little time to develop more. Dr. Chris also explained that the reason that our girl preferred to nurse on one side was that it was not comfortable to turn her head the other direction.

With one adjustment session and craniosacral therapy, our girl was able to nurse comfortably on both sides! Dr. Chris showed us a few techniques that might help our baby to relieve tension and help boost her body naturally into proper development. By the time we got to the otolaryngologist a month later, he saw no cause for concern.

– The Axtell Family


I have been a patient of Dr. Anderson for well over 13 years. The time when I needed her most was toward the end of my pregnancy and during labor. Dr Chris supported me far above and beyond any other healthcare practitioner I have worked with and continues to do so.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I had problems walking even though I was walking a few miles every day. Dr Chris was able to adjust me in a way that helped so I could remain mobile. She was spot on about what was out of place and why. I took advantage of housecalls during this time and I can say that she helped ‘save me’ in a time of need. Thank you!

Dr Chris voiced that she wanted me to have the birth that I wanted and to please call on her if I needed her during labor. Sure enough I needed her. I was laboring at home and became concerned that I would not be able to hold a squat (I was using a birthing pool). She arrived at my house and stayed for several hours helping hold my pelvis. I felt so much support physically, emotionally and her sense of humor helped as well!

After my son, Satya, was born she did cranial sacral work on him. He had a very pointy head and as Dr Chris said, most likely quite a headache! The next day she came back to my house and adjusted myself, my husband and worked with my son once more. She worked with Satya again at home and I believe that she helped his head “calm down” from the pointiness. His head looked perfect.

My son and I continue to see Dr Chris once a month. Satya is thriving. I believe that Dr Chris’ care and deep attention will help him adjust optimally to all of the changes that his being is going through during these early years and beyond.

– A.R.

“I know it works, it makes sense, and it doesn’t hurt the baby or the mom. It only helps!”

I was 34 weeks pregnant when I went to see my OB for a last ultrasound check. She discovered our Baby in a breech position. Her head was up under my right ribs and her butt on the left side under my bellybutton. She gave us three options; first: pray for her to turn – we are not really into that praying stuff, so this wasn’t an option -, second: turn her from outside with manipulation on the baby, with the risk of tearing the cord and with that a possible emergency C-Section – not an option for us either, too scary and we figured there must be some reason that she hadn’t turned yet and nobody could guarantee us that she would stay head down -, third: screw all of the above and just schedule a C-Section at 39 weeks – not really satisfying.

Leaving the doctor’s office, my husband and I went straight to the PregnaGym to see our childbirth class instructor Michelle. She recommended Dr. Chris and gave us her number. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, but I heard about it and I’m always open to alternatives to medicine so I didn’t question this for one second.

After about 2 weeks with 3 visits every week the baby turned to the head down position and stayed. Our Girl Selina was born July 4th. I had a vaginal birth and was in labor for only 6 hours. I would recommend this to everybody who is in this same position. I know it works, it makes sense, and it doesn’t hurt the baby or the mom. It only helps. And we have already brought our little girl in to Dr. Chris for checkups a couple times! Thanks!

– Nadia

“7 ¾ months pregnant – I feel great!”

Frustrated because nothing else was helping; Laura first came to see Dr. Chris because she was having hip and shoulder stiffness accompanied by major shooting pains in her hips. She was also having a difficult time holding on to pregnancies. At 10 months later with the help of Dr. Chris’ sensible advice, chiropractic adjustments and homeopathy, Laura says, “ I’m now 7 ¾ months pregnant. I’ve had no problems with back or hip pain through my pregnancy- I feel great. Both my hip and shoulder pain are completely gone!”

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“Our entire family now sees Dr. Chris on a regular basis and we feel GREAT!!”

When we first came to Dr. Chris our 6 year old son was unable to turn his head due to an injury skateboarding. He began to see Dr. Chris in March, two times a week for the first three weeks. After the first three weeks, we cut down to once a week and we are now at once a month. He is doing so much better.

He hasn’t really gotten sick and when he does it is a one or two day cold. Our entire family now sees Dr. Chris on a regular basis and we feel GREAT!! Thank you Dr. Chris for making our family feel better!

– Melissa C.

“Dr. Chris has a remedy for it! What a great relief for a mother!”

We met Dr. Chris just two months ago, and I regret that I didn’t bring my son to the chiropractor right after birth. I’m sure our lives would have been completely different by now.

Brad had sleeping problems since he was born. When the pediatricians and occupational therapist failed to help us, I knew it was time to try something else. Homeopathy and nutrition helped us, but nothing worked so amazingly as chiropractic did. He also needed help to strengthen his immune system which was weakened after vaccinations.

After his first session with Dr. Chris, Brad slept much longer and better. After a few more sessions, I was able to observe positive changes in his behavior and food preferences (he used to crave carbohydrates and now he was asking for fruits and vegetables that he didn’t liked before).

Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Chris used homeopathy and other natural remedies to help with a cold and an ear infection, that got significantly better overnight and completely clear in another day. Using just a few times a cream that Dr. Chris provided, Brad had got rid of eczema that I’m sure would have taken much longer to heal otherwise. No matter what little problem or discomfort we have, it seems that Dr. Chris has a remedy for it! What a great relief for a mother!

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“Felt my body transform back into its functioning, healthy position!”

Dr Chris is amazing and so incredibly intuitive. I’ve been seeing her regularly for adjustments and absolutely recommend her to anyone who has a skeleton. I run a lot, had hip and neck and shoulder pain and have seen and felt my body transform back into its functioning, healthy position. My posture is 100% better, I don’t have lower back pain, and she devotes much time and analysis at the first meeting to figuring out the specific treatment that you need. I adore her. She is a comforting presence and has taken such good care of me – please visit her if you are considering chiropractic care. She is a necessary part of my health routine.

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“She’s ready and able to put you on a path to health!”

Has anyone ever changed your life? Like, flipped a switched and you see the light? Well, that’s what Dr. Chris did for me. Migraines – gone. Stress – manageable. Sleep – easy to fall and easy to stay. She’s a well-rounded healer with multiple disciplines and she’s ready and able to put you on a path to health. Just get to your appointment on time, cause if you miss your slot you’re gonna be in a BIG line…behind me!

–Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“Dr. Chris is the best!”

Dr. Chris is the best! (-: I first met her when I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2007. The baby was breech and they wanted me to have a C-Section. After seeing Dr. Chris for about 3 weeks (I think), the baby turned and I had a vaginal delivery. She has inspired me to stand for my beliefs in alternative medicine, not vaccinating my children and take charge of our own health and well being. I feel blessed to have met her.

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“So amazed and thankful!”

I went to Dr. Chris on a referral and she has been incredible. She helped clear a complex hamstring pull (to the point where I was unable to sit after 10 min. to no problems. And yesterday, after a weekend of gardening, she squeezed me in her busy schedule and literally re-aligned me in 10 minutes. I went from completely sore (and I walk 5 miles a day, so I’m in pretty good shape) to no pain. Honestly, I was completely amazed … actually so amazed and thankful I’m sharing my experience! Thank you Dr. Chris; you have a fan for life.

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“Dr. Chris is truly a gifted healer!”

My family and I have been going to Dr Chris for years and we’ve relied on her treatments and vast knowledge to keep us going strong. My daughter hasn’t missed a day of school thanks to her regular adjustments- which has always turned her colds around before they take hold. Dr. Chris is truly a gifted healer.

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

“Highly recommend her!”

Dr. Chris has really helped our newborn with a variety of issues. We are also under her care. She is really knowledgeable, kind and conscientious. I would highly recommend her for everyone from newborns to adults.

– Patient of Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center