Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center has a lot to offer pregnant women since treatments are gentle, drug-free, and noninvasive.

Along with weight gain, the female body undergoes other physical changes during pregnancy as a result of the hormones which maintain the pregnancy and those which prepare the body for birth. The job of some of these hormones is to loosen the ligaments that usually keep the bones of the pelvis “glued” together as to accommodate a baby coming through the birth canal.

Unfortunately, these hormones also loosen all the ligaments in the rest of the body, making it unstable and more susceptible to strains, sprains, and subluxations. According to our Los Angeles pregnancy chiropractor, subluxations in pregnant women may cause low-back pain, sciatica, rib pain, pelvic pain, headaches, shortness of breath, heartburn, hemorrhoids, swelling, fatigue, or poor sleep.

A pelvis that is misaligned may also cause intrauterine constraint, a condition which could result in a breech or transverse presentation due to obstruction of the fetus’ normal movement. The Webster “In-Utero Constraint” Technique, developed by Dr. Larry Webster, utilizes specific chiropractic analysis to correct pelvic misalignment and address accompanying abdominal muscle spasm. This Los Angeles pregnancy chiropractic technique treats the skeletal and muscular cause of intrauterine constraint, offering an opportunity for the baby to move into the desired head down, or vertex, position for birth and possibly preventing the necessity for a cesarean section. This technique does not involve the Los Angeles pregnancy chiropractor moving the baby’s position — it is all about getting the pregnant women’s body aligned, so that the baby is comfortable in a vertex position.

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“I’m 39 weeks, just had another adjustment & am feeling great thanks to Dr. Chris. Pregnancy doesn’t need to be painful! I’m so glad I’ve had Dr. Chris’ holistic care throughout my pregnancy.” -Maya

One of the benefits of regular chiropractic care during pregnancy with Dr. Christine Anderson, is that labor times are generally decreased. This is because the nervous system controls the birth process; nerves coming off the lower spine control the dilation of the cervix and the rhythmic contractions of the uterus. Chiropractic adjustments to the pelvis can also ensure the path is clear for your baby to pass through unimpeded. Labors that start and stop — or even stall completely — may be due to the improper position of the baby and be a signal that the pelvis is not perfectly aligned.

Our pregnancy chiropractor often attends the births of her pregnant patients, providing gentle adjustments and craniosacral therapy during labor to make certain they have full access to their nervous system and proper alignment of their pelvis.

Dr. Anderson also recommends at least one session of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) when pregnant women are in their third trimester. During a 30-minute session, Dr. Christine Anderson will make sure that body and mind are on the same page. Although birth is not the best time to tackle emotional baggage, Dr. Anderson has done NET sessions during labor so that women can release the emotional stressors and achieve natural childbirth.

Most women will only give birth a few times in their life. Make your pregnancy a time to support yourself in all ways — physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and childbirth will awaken your powerful self. Dr. Anderson’s prenatal chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you achieve the birth of your dreams.

Throughout her chiropractic career, Dr. Christine Anderson has contributed articles on various health issues for local newspapers, magazines, and chiropractic publications. She was consulted for the book, I Got Pregnant, You Can Too! by Katie Boland.

Dr. Anderson developed the pre/post natal exercise program at the Hollywood YMCA and she continues to teach classes there. At the urging of her students, she produced a 90-minute DVD,Dr. Christine Anderson`s Dynamic Prenatal Yoga, which sells through Amazon, her websites, and through various independent retailers.

Play the video below and meet Dr. Christine Anderson and experience her prenatal yoga program.

Play the video below and see Dr. Christine Anderson at work.