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Dr Chris is amazing!!! She is an awesome homeopath I use her for everything my children need. Especially her teething cranky sleepy juice which saved my life on my first son’s teething episodes. My second son had some traumatic birth and she helped unwind the trauma, gave him an adjustment, and this helped him nurse better to receive better nutrition and lessen any pain to me. She knows her stuff super expert on kids chiro!! Also used her for prenatal support with nutrition and adjustments which helped with an easy labor.

Laura M.

From Yelp

Dr Chris is amazing and so incredibly intuitive. I’ve been seeing her regularly for adjustments, and absolutely recommend her to anyone who has a skeleton. I run a lot, had hip and neck and shoulder pain, and have seen and felt my body transform back into its functioning, healthy position. My posture is 100% better, I don’t have lower back pain, and she devotes much time and analysis at the first meeting to figuring out the specific treatment that you need. I adore her. She is a comforting presence and has taken such good care of me – please visit her if you are considering chiropractic care. She is a necessary part of my health routine.

A Google User

from Google +

I am a chiropractor myself and also a chiropractic patient for the last 19 years. Dr. Chris is AMAZING! She helped me when I had a severe health issue. I was afraid of having a life-limiting diagnosis from allopathic medicine. As a last resort in my own natural cures and remedies, I asked for Dr. Chris’ help. She was able to diagnose and cure my condition with precision and confidence. She found the exact cause of my symptoms which was related from stress and she resolved everything. Immediately, I felt better and I am happy to say not only have the symptoms disappeared, I feel stronger than ever! It is great to know such a powerful woman!

Iris W.

from Yelp

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