Baby Turns Head Down With a Little Chiropractic Help!

I was 34 weeks pregnant when I went to see my OB for a last Ultrasound check. She discovered our Baby in a breech position. Her head was up under my right ribs and her butt on the left side under my bellybutton. She gave us three options; first: pray for her to turn – we are not really into that praying stuff, so this wasn’t an option -, second: turn her from outside with manipulation on the baby, with the risk of tearing the cord and with that a possible emergency C-Section – not an option for us either, too scary and we figured there must be some reason that she hadn’t turned yet and nobody could guarantee us that she would stay head down -, third: screw all of the above and just schedule a C-Section at 39 weeks – not really satisfying.Leaving the doctor’s office my husband and I went straight to the PregnaGym to see our childbirth class instructor Michelle. She recommended Dr. Chris and gave us her number. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before but I heard about it and I’m always open to alternatives to medicine, so I didn’t question this for one second. After about 2 weeks with 3 visits every week the baby turned to the head down position and stayed. Our Girl Selina was born July 4th. I had a vaginal birth and was in labour for only 6 hours. I would recommend this to everybody who is in this same position. I know it works, it makes sense, and it doesn’t hurt the baby or the mom. It only helps. And we have already brought our little girl in to Dr. Chris for checkups a couple times! Thanks! – Nadia

Delighted Patient Freed of Pain And Assisted With Fertility

Frustrated because nothing else was helping; Laura first came to see Dr. Chris because she was having hip and shoulder stiffness accompanied by major shooting pains in her hips. She was also having a difficult time holding on to pregnancies.
10 months later with the help of Dr. Chris’ sensible advice, chiropractic adjustments and homeopathy Laura says, “ I’m now 7 ¾ months pregnant. I’ve had no problems with back or hip pain through my pregnancy- I feel great. Both my hip and shoulder pain are completely gone!”

Breech Baby Turns After 1 Adjustment!

“At 8 months pregnant, I was told my baby was breech. I came to Dr. Anderson for help. After one session my baby turned!” -Julie Harris-Walker


Riho had lower back pain before she became pregnant and it worsened throughout her pregnancy. She went to Dr. Chris` prenatal yoga class at the YMCA to help lessen the pain, but the pain would still come and go persistently. Dr. Chris suggested she come into the office for chiropractic treatment. Riho took Dr. Chris` advice and came in several times during her last trimester. With only 2 weeks left before her due date Riho says “the pain is gone! The result of chiropractic is faster than I thought, which is really good, because I have to take care of my two-and-a-half -year-old and get ready for my new baby.”

Chiropractic Helps Nature Take Its Course in Birthing Room

“During labor at the Hollywood Birth Center, we were fortunate to have Dr. Anderson’s office downstairs. Our labor had been going on for a good eight hours and I was dilated at 9cm ready to give birth. Upon getting out of the birthing tub (my contractions had slowed down) my right hip and leg became cramped. I had a Charlie horse that would not release and would not allow me to stand, sit or squat (which prior to the cramping was my favorite and most comfortable position). This went on for a couple of hours. With Dr. Anderson’s assistance my body was able to realign and let go so that nature could take its course. Jolie Rose was born at 4:30 in the afternoon…within minutes of being born Dr. Anderson welcomed Jolie with cranial sacral work to help her adjust after the trauma of the birth canal. Jolie is a very happy and content eight week old baby!
I have had quite a bit of bodywork in the past, including cranial sacral therapy, but had never had a chiropractic adjustment.

In the past, my body and mind have responded well to cranial sacral work…I’m a firm believer that this work has helped me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Now in addition to that, Dr. Anderson’s chiropractic adjustments, both right after the birth and a few weeks later, help to support my alignment walking through this world…thanks!
As Dr. Anderson assisted me in relaxing and letting go of the sharp pain in my hip/leg (not to mention, I had contractions going on) my body was able to allow nature to take over and birth my sweet Jolie. As for Jolie, she has received a couple of adjustments from Dr. Anderson and I believe this is a huge reason for her serene disposition. Thanks!”
-Ashley and Jolie Maak

Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy Eased With Gentle Chiropractic

When we asked Eva Cramer, what her reason was for coming to a chiropractor, Eva told us, “Something about the wording on her website grabbed me. I was not “looking” for a chiropractor; I was looking for a birth center! But I felt that with her combined areas of expertise (chiropractic, homeopathy, TEM etc) that she was the right person to seek out for help with my “gestational diabetes” diagnosis. I didn`t even think about the pelvic pain as a reason to seek out chiropractic care at the time.
I had a lot of pelvic pain, which, as those I described it to were not in my body, I was told was a `normal part of pregnancy, if unfortunately intense.` I tried stretching, pillows and `grin and bear it` (always a bad idea!).”

After coming into the Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center for her initial exam, report of findings and 2 adjustments, Eva says, “Dr. Chris found that all of my pelvic and pubic bones were out of alignment, and that the subluxation areas corresponded to the nerves which communicate with the pancreas! After my very first adjustment, my pain when walking, lying down, and going from sitting to standing– it all decreased very considerably. If my pain were a 10 before the adjustment, it was a 2 afterward! I am, needless to say, extremely pleased with these results!”

Our patient Jennifer M. has been coming to see Dr. Anderson during her Pregnancy for pain and muscle tension in her shoulders and right hip. Since she has been coming for regular visits, Jennifer has told us she has good days and bad days, but overall she continues to improve. The pain in her shoulders has lessened and she has told us that it is completely gone on some days. Jennifer has also experienced relief from the tension she feels in her neck and shoulders. But, best of all she has noticed an overall improvement on her health.

Christie Mellor 
I originally received chiropractic care for chronic neck problems. During my second pregnancy, I had regular chiropractic adjustments to help make labor easier. Now, I come into the office with my two children for preventive chiropractic care, health maintenance and when problems come up. Prior to coming to Dr. Anderson’s office, I ignored my symptoms. That did not work at all. The results I have received from chiropractic care have been tremendous! First of all, the pregnancy and birth of my second child was basically problem-free. I never got the so-called “usual” aches and pains, swollen ankles, etc. which I had experienced with my first child. Chiropractic care is now a NECESSITY for me and my kids, we love chiropractic- especially my 2 year old!


I recently had my second child at home, attended by the two midwives practicing above Dr. Anderson’s. It was an extremely wonderful and relaxing experience. My pregnancy, on the other hand, was not quite as harmonious. It was a time full of subluxations, the spinal misalignments which create dis-ease in the body. My back hurt, I was unable to breathe when I laid down, and I was tired. Miserable and pregnant, I went to see my family chiropractor, Dr. Anderson. After receiving gentle chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis, I started to notice a difference in how I was feeling. It was amazing. My backaches were going away, I was able to breathe better when I laid down, which was a surprise to me, because that was my biggest complaint in my first pregnancy. I could not lay down without gasping for air. It was hard to believe this was all preventable. If I only had known Dr. Anderson then! With my regular adjustments I had more energy and wasn`t as tired. The problems seemed to be less and less the more I got adjusted. I was no longer miserable with my pregnancy, I was happy! Now I am a mother of two beautiful children who will grow up with chiropractic health on their side. My son has had regular chiropractic checkups since he was a baby and my newborn daughter had her spine checked shortly after her birth and received some gentle cranial work and adjustments. Although her birth was great, the birthing process itself can place stress on the spine. The chiropractic approach has truly been beneficial to me and my family. It will continue to help us live a healthier, happier life. Thank you Dr. Anderson for all your chiropractic adjustments.

– Jessica Grice

Results of treatment can vary from patient to patient and these testimonials are not meant to imply any guaranteed results.