What In The World Is Chiropractic?

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2. These are often the body’s immune sytem working; often annoying and don’t make us feel good; they tell us something has changed in our body (for example: a runny nose)

4. These come off the spinal cord and go to every part of the body; a part ofthe nervous system

6. A cause of subluxation; it can be physical, emotional or toxic

7. Backbone

10. It protects your brain

11. Person who performs chiropractic adjustments

12. Another word for skull

14. State of the body when it is out of balance.

15. These take pictures of your body’s insides

17. The term chiropractors use for a misalignment of vertebrae

18. The system that controls all the functions of the body.


1. These make up parts of the skeleton

3. A state of being when your body is functioning at its fullest (not just the absence of dis-ease)

5. Master control center of the body.

6. It extends from the brain through the spine.

7. This is a frame for your body (and a symbol of Halloween)

8. What a chiropractor gives a patient to remove subluxations

9. A bone of the spine

12. Smallest building blocks of the body

13. These move your body around

16. What makes your body bend