Coconut Yogurt Recipe


Put the defrosted coconut meat from one bag into a blender, Blendtec, or Vitamix. Add defrosted coconut water gradually until you get the consistency you desire. You can use your milk/cream in curries, as a soup base, as an ice cream base, for coconut yogurt, or wherever you would use coconut milk or cream. For extra creaminess, you can add coconut manna, or raw coconut cream.


Using the recipe above, make your coconut milk/cream the consistency of a thin pudding. Add 1-2 capsules or scoops of probiotics. Place in a jar. Leave at least 4 inches at the top of the jar. Place in a dehydrator at 90-100 degrees for 8 hours or until it is the tanginess you desire. You can also place in smaller jars and then put them in a crock pot on low. Or use an electric heating pad. You just want to keep the temperature consistent for the 8 hours or so. Sweeten to taste or add raw granola or fruit! Next time you are in the office, ask me if I have any yogurt to sample!


Dr. Chris