I was 34 weeks pregnant when I went to see my OB for a last Ultrasound check. She discovered our Baby in a breech position. Her head was up under my right rips and her butt on the left side under my bellybutton. She gave us three options; first: pray for her to turn – we are not really into that praying stuff, so this wasn’t an option -, second: turn her from outside with manipulation on the baby, with the risk of tearing the cord and with that a possible emergency C-Section – not an option for us either, too scary and we figured there must be some reason that she hadn’t turned yet and nobody could guarantee us that she would stay head down -, third: screw all of the above and just schedule a C-Section at 39 weeks – not really satisfying.Leaving the doctor’s office my husband and I went straight to the PregnaGym to see our childbirth class instructor Michelle. She recommended Dr. Chris and gave us her number. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before but I heard about it and I’m always open to alternatives to medicine, so I didn’t question this for one second.

After about 2 weeks with 3 visits every week the baby turned to the head down position and stayed. Our Girl Selina was born July 4th. I had a vaginal birth and was in labour for only 6 hours. I would recommend this to everybody who is in this same position. I know it works, it makes sense, and it doesn’t hurt the baby or the mom. It only helps. And we have already brought our little girl in to Dr. Chris for checkups a couple times!

Thanks! – Nadia

Baby Nurses and Sleeps Well After Chiropractic!


“Kali was in a breech position throughout my entire pregnancy (due to the shape of my uterus) and subsequently was born by cesarean birth. The Doctors found it difficult to get her out because her little head was wedged under my rib cage. When she came out she continued to favor having her head turned to the left and was having trouble turning her head to the right. Needless to say, nursing on one side was difficult for her. She had a hard time latching and it really hurt both her and I! She also was having trouble sleeping. I called Dr. Chris to come and adjust her in the hospital the day after she was born and after her adjustment and cranial sacral therapy she nursed so well that she slept five straight hours! Dr. Chris also helped me through difficult nursing and colic issues with my first daughter, as well as during my pregnancy when I had trouble with sciatica. I believe our regular visits keep the whole family healthy! Thanks Dr. Chris!”

Sheeva Lapeyre


Dear Dr. Anderson,
I would like to thank you very much for helping my son Adam. In the few weeks that he has been in your care, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in his eating, sleeping and mood. I feel like you have helped me to uncover the sweet little guy that’s been hiding in his pain-ridden body for the first eleven months of his life.
Adam had “seizure-like” symptoms when he was 8 months old that landed us in the emergency room. That prompted a series of CAT scans, EEGs and MRI’s – all of which said that everything looked normal. But Adam was still experiencing mild seizure-like symptoms: his eyes would roll back in his head for a couple of seconds; he would sometimes have vacant stares; and I’d often find him quietly rocking back and forth. In addition, he was vomiting a lot, sleeping very little, and was often very cranky.
After his first big “seizure-like episode” (the doctors never did figure out exactly what it was) I noticed that the back of his neck looked lop-sided. The right side of his neck looked very overdeveloped and the left side of his neck looked weak and underdeveloped. I took him to my chiropractor who suggested that I bring him to you.
I noticed a change in Adam immediately after his first treatment with you. He seemed much more peaceful and happier. After the first week of treatment he started sleeping through the night (Hallelujah) and after a couple of weeks he was vomiting so much less that I stopped the antacid medicine he was taking to help control his vomiting. I’ve noticed that he’s been gaining weight over the past few weeks and is now just an all around happier little guy.
Thank you again for your help. I knew that there was something out of balance with Adam, but doctor after doctor assured me that nothing was wrong. I felt helpless as I watched my baby suffer. With your help, I now feel as though we are claiming him back and helping him find a solid path to health. Your skill and gentle touch over the past few weeks have made a tremendous difference in my son’s short life and I am extremely grateful.
Sincerely, Jennifer L.

Boy’s Neck Pain Alleviated

with Regular Chiropractic care!!


When we first came to Dr. Chris our 6 year old son was unable to turn his head due to an injury skateboarding. He began to see Dr. Chris in March, two times a week for the first three weeks. After the first three weeks we cut down to once a week and we are now at once a month. He is doing so much better. He hasn’t really gotten sick and when he does it is a one or two day cold. Our entire family now sees Dr. Chris on a regular basis and we feel GREAT!! Thank you Dr. Chris for making our family feel better!

Melissa C.

Boy Is Able To Sleep After Getting Adjusted!


We met Dr.. Chris just two months ago, and I regret that I didn’t bring my son to the chiropractor right after birth. I’m sure our lives would have been completely different by now.

Brad had sleeping problems since he was born. When the pediatricians and occupational therapist failed to help us, I knew it was time to try something else. Homeopathy and nutrition helped us, but nothing worked so amazingly as chiropractic did. He also needed help to strengthen his immune system, which was weakened after vaccinations.

After his first session with Dr. Chris, Brad slept much longer and better. After a few more sessions I was able to observe positive changes in his behavior, and food preferences (he used to crave carbohydrates, and now he was asking for fruits and vegetables that he didn’t liked before). Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Chris used homeopathy and other natural remedies to help with a cold and an ear infection, that got significantly better overnight, and completely clear in another day. Using just a few times a cream that Dr. Chris provided, Brad had got rid of eczema, that I’m sure would have taken much longer to heal otherwise. No matter what little problem or discomfort we have, it seems that Dr. Chris has a remedy for it! What a great relief for a mother!


Newborn’s Misery Turned Into Smiles With Chiropractic

Dillon Didn’t Start Out Life As The Happy Guy You See Now. When Dr. Chris First Held Dillon, He Would Arch His Back So Much His Head Almost Touched His Feet! No Wonder He Was Miserable And Crying All The Time. He Also Held His Head To The Right And Wouldn’t Turn It Left. Dillon’s Mom, Amy, Tells Us, “He Never Seemed To Be Able To Get Comfortable. He Wouldn’t Let Me Hold Him Close. He Would Just Arch Away. He Wouldn’t Sleep Longer Than Two Hours.”

Since Getting Regular Chiropractic Adjustments And Craniosacral Therapy, Dillon’s Crying Spells Have Stopped Completely And He No Longer Arches His Back. He Happily Turns His Head To The Left And Now Sucks On His Left Fist. Amy Says Happily, “Dillon Loves To Cuddle And Be Held. And Miraculously, We Are Getting A 4 To 5 Hour Stretches Of Sleep Each Night!”

Chiropractic Adjustments Help Get Rid Of The “Slumpies“


Nicolas Tried To Remedy His Postural Problems By Stretching With His Mom, Which Helped A Little, But Not As Much As He Wanted. Then Nicolas Came To See Dr. Anderson, Seeking Help To Improve His Postural Habits. After Two-And-A-Half Months Of Consistent Visits With Dr. Anderson, Nicolas Feels That His Shoulders Are Open, His Back Is Better, He Is More Aware Of The Way He Sits When He Is Playing Video Games And He Is Experiencing Calmness, Like He Has Never Experienced Before.

Reflux And Apnea Improved With Chiropractic!


“Baby Axel Was Born 8 Weeks Premature And Experienced Acute Reflux Which Triggered Frequent Apnea And Other Respiratory And Heart Problems. Axel Was In Intensive Care For 7 Weeks And Was Sent Home On Prevacid And A Heart Monitor, Which Was Going Off All The Time! It Was Unbearable To See Him Struggle With No Hope But The Passage Of Time, According To Our Conventional Doctor, Axel’s Mother, Patricia Told Us.

Patricia Was Online Looking For Alternative Treatment For Axel, When She Came Across The Kid Chiropractic Website. She Called And Made An Appointment With Dr. Anderson As Soon As She Could.
As Patricia Tells The Story, “Axel First Saw Dr. Chris 3 Times A Week – He Was Barely 2 Months Old. After 8 Adjustments, We Saw Noticeable Improvement. We Kept Coming For The Following Few Months Until He Was 1 Year Old. We Stopped Using The Heart Monitor When He Was 6 Months Old, As The Apnea And Other Heart Issues Had Practically Ceased.”

Consistent Visits = Well Educated Mom

And Well Adjusted Boy


“Gianluca Has Been Seeing Dr. Chris Bi-Monthly Since He Was 9 Months Old. Originally We Came To Dr. Chris Because Of Food Allergies. He Suffered Terrible Colic As An Infant, He Was Not Sleeping Well At Night, Constantly Tossing And Turning And He Vomited After Trying Certain Foods Or Broke Out Into Terrible Diaper Rashes Even Though He Was A Solely Breastfed Baby. Dr. Chris Helped Us Identify The Specific Allergies And Alleviate Them By Using An Elimination Diet With Myself And Him, Homeopathics And Chiropractic Care.

Gianluca Is Now 3 Years Old. He Does Not Show Any Symptoms Of Food Allergies And I Keep Him On A Rotation Diet Among His Common Allergens As Much As Possible. In Addition, However, Gianluca Has Excellent Health, Is Very Bright For His Age And I Receive Comments Daily About How Calm, Well Rounded, Mature And Stable He Seems For His Age.

I Am Certain That The Combination Of Holistic Care That We Use Including Chiropractic Bi-Monthly, Organic Foods, Supplements, Homeopathy For Illnesses And Avoiding Chemicals, Preservatives, Medications And Vaccinations Under Guidance From Dr. Chris Attribute To His Advancement In Development In All Areas: Physical, Mental And Emotional! Gianluca Is Never Ill For More Than A Day And His Body Has Demonstrated The Ability To Heal Itself From All Types Of Viruses.

Last Week, I Went To His Room During The Nighttime And Noticed That He Had Sparked A Very High Fever. I Monitored Him Through The Night And In The Morning He Woke With No Fever And Was Very Happy. We Got Dressed, Ate Breakfast And Off To School He Went Without Any Future Sign Of Illness. I Am Excited When He Becomes Sick Because I Know He Is Adding One More Thing To His List Of Immunities While I Am Confident That The Illness Will Pass Without Him Every Really Feeling Sick, Or Having Sleepless Nights Or Many Missed Days From School. Thanks Dr. Chris!” -Rosanna C.

“Dr. Anderson… Has An Amazing Capacity To Heal.”


“As A Newly Licensed Chiropractor, My Husband And I Are Thoroughly Aware Of How Important Chiropractic Care Is On A Person’s Well Being And Quality Of Life. We Firmly Believe That Having Our Newborn Treated Immediately After Birth Is Crucial To The Health And Growth Of Our Newborn. In Addition, We Were Aware That After A 24 Hour Labor, There Are Many Physical And Emotional Stresses Placed On Both The Mother And Child.

Knowing The Importance Of Chiropractic, We Wanted A Chiropractor With Extensive Experience Treating Infants, Young Children, And Families. Dr. Anderson Was An Easy Choice Given Her Impressive Background In Chiropractic Pediatrics And Her Expertise In Craniosacral Healing. Most Importantly, Dr. Anderson Has Surpassed Our Wildest Expectations By Combining Her Technical Skills And Experience With Compassion And Loving Care. Thank You, Dr. Anderson!

Immediately After Birth, I Was Having Some Difficulties Breast-Feeding Because My Son Wasn’t Latching On Properly. After Our First Visit To Dr. Anderson’s Three Days After Our Son’s Birth, My Son Had A Strong Latch And He Immediately Began To Gain Weight At A Healthy Rate. It Was Also Quite Obvious That He Was Calmer And Less Fussy. As He’s Grown (He’s 4 1/2 Months Now), Dr. Anderson Has Helped Him With Diaper Rashes, Fussiness, Stuffy Noses, And Simply Provided Us With Great Advice On His Development And Behavior. Dr. Anderson Is An Essential Tool In Our Son’s Healthcare And Well-Being. She Is A Wealth Of Knowledge And Has An Amazing Capacity To Heal. We Highly Recommend Her To Any Parents That Desire To Take An Active Role In Their Families’ Health!”

Chiropractic Leads To Happier Baby With Stronger Latch-On
When She Was Less Than 1 Month Old Mahali`S Parents Brought Her To See Dr. Chris Because She Was Arching Her Back, Tilting Her Head Back A Lot And Having A Difficult Time Sucking.

Dr. Chris helped take care of Mahali`s problems with gentle adjustments and natural remedies. Now Mahali`s mom says “Mahali is happy and relaxed. She no longer arches and feeds very well. Thank you, Dr. Chris!”

Chiropractic Helps Reduce Headaches!

Elyse Brought Garcia, Her 9-Year-Old Son, To See Dr. Anderson For His Frequent Headaches. They Had Tried Conventional Medicine, Blood Tests And Diets To Try To End Garcia’s Recurrent Headaches- All To No Avail. Elyse Says “Garcia’s Headaches Have Been Reduced And If He Does Get A Headache- An Adjustment Will Take Care Of It Almost Immediately.”

Colicky Baby Soothed By Chiropractic,

Cranio-Sacral Therapy And Homeopathy

In The First 3 Weeks Of Her Life, Literally, Every Time Remi Lou Was Awake; She Was Crying In Pain, Pulling Her Little Body To The Left And Having A Hard Time Keeping Her Food Down. Such Distress Really Kept Remi Lou`S Mom, Kimberly, From Getting To Know Her Baby Girl`S Personality And Being Able To Bond With Her.

Kimberly Brought Remi Lou For Two Sessions In One Week With Dr. Chris And Now Kimberly Says, “She Is Not Crying In Pain And She Sits Happily Awake. Her Eating Is So Much Better And She`S Not Throwing Everything Up! I Really Feel I Am Able To Bond With Her, Because I Am Getting To Know Her Personality- She Is Smiling And Happy.

7-Month-Old`S Flat Spot Resolved, With The Help Of

Chiropractic And Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Clive 2-16-2005


After A Pediatrician Said “Just Wait And See, It Will Probably Resolve Itself,” Clive’s Concerned Mom, Amber, Sought Help To Treat The Flat Spot On Clive`S Head. Amber’s Concern Lead Her To Take Clive To See A Naturopath And Craniosacral Therapist In Vermont, Their Home State. Successful Results Prompted Amber To Search For A Local Craniosacral Therapist And Natural Practician In The Los Angeles Area, So Clive Could Receive Treatments On A Regular Basis.

Amber Found Dr. Anderson Online In February 2005 And Has Been Bringing Clive In For Treatment Consistently Since Then. Now Amber Says “Clive’s Flat Spot Has Resolved Itself! Also Clive Is Such A Happy And Healthy Guy. In His 7 Months He Has Never (Knock Wood!) Been Really Sick Or Even Had More Than The Sniffles, While Many Of His Friends Have Already Struggled With Ear Infections, Fevers, Sinus Infections, And The Flu. Clive Also Really Loves Getting His Adjustments, He Always Laughs During Them And Then Has A Great Nap Afterwards.”

Well Adjusted 2-Year-Old’s Mother

Recalls When He Was Uncomfortable And Unhappy


Bodhi’s Mom, Anne, Experienced A Very Long Labor And Eventually He Was Born By C-Section. The Events Bodhi Went Through During His Birthing Process Factored Into The Obvious Discomfort He Was Suffering As A 2-Month-Old Baby. To Help Bodhi Feel Better, Anne Brought Him In To See Dr. Chris.

Anne Said “After The First Adjustment, He Was At Least 80% Improved, Able To Lay Flat On His Back And Just Hang Out- He Turned Into The Happiest Baby With Continued Adjustments.”

Teething And Weaning Made Easier With The Help Of Chiropractic And Homeopathy


Lucky Was Having A Hard Time With Night Weaning And Cutting Some Molars. Lucky’s Mom, Cheryl, Said, “His Cry Is A Scream, Which Is Very Hard To Take!” Before Cheryl Brought Lucky In They Had Tried Camilia, Herbal Teething Remedy And Motrin For Lucky. Cheryl Got Some Massages To Help Her Relax And Deal With Some Of The Stress She And Her Little Guy Were Going Through. Sadly, Nothing Seemed To Be Working For Lucky.

Fortunately, Cheryl And Lucky Came In To See Dr. Chris. Dr. Chris Helped Cheryl Out With Her Stress By Suggesting A Natural Relaxant. As For Lucky, Cheryl Now Says “The Remedies And Adjustments Seem To Calm Him Down And His Top Teeth Don’t Rest On My Nipple When He Nurses. I Assume That Is Strictly From The Adjustments!”

Positive Results From Chiropractic Exhibited In Entire Family!

Keane, Anita And Kyla First Came To See Dr. Anderson To Understand Why The Family Was Having Certain Problems. Keane Was Having Some Problems With Balance And Then Anita`S Back Went Out- While The Family Was On Vacation! With Frequent Chiropractic Adjustments, Anita States “The Whole Family Has Experienced A State Of Peace Like Never Before And Anita Has Her Energy Back After 10 Years Of Chronic Fatigue!”

The Story Of Iris`S Ears

As Told By Nancy Connelly, Iris`S Mom

Dr. Anderson,
Bodhi’s mom, anne, experienced a very long labor and eventually he was born by c-section. The events bodhi went through during his birthing process factored into the obvious discomfort he was suffering as a 2-month-old baby. To help bodhi feel better, anne brought him in to see dr. Chris.

Baby Latches On After Having Breastfeeding Problems!

Vacuum extraction was necessary during little oliver`s birth. When his mother rosemarie tried breastfeeding him on his left side, he would have difficulty latching on. He was also having difficulty achieving a much needed restful sleep. Rosemarie tried different tactics to soothe him, including holding him in different positions while breastfeeding, all to little or no avail.

At two weeks old little oliver came to see dr. Chris, and with some gentle care and cranial work he is now nursing comfortably on his left side and sleeping like a baby. At three months old oliver is still coming to see dr. Chris to maintain optimal health and comfort while he grows bigger and stronger every day.

2 Month Old Baby Now Turns Head With Greatest Of Ease!

2 month old makana hendrickson couldn`t turn her head to one side. After one thorough exam and a follow up adjustment, she`s been turning her head to both sides! “She slept non-stop for two days straight” says happy mother mirit strausman. “And now I sleep better too!” since baby makana has been visiting dr. Anderson, she has also miraculously stopped crying in her car seat. Overall there are positive reports of longer and deeper sleeping for little makana!

“prior to coming to kid chiropractic we had tried various soothing techniques and anti-gas drops, none of which worked, and still my pediatrician kept insisting this was all just normal behavior. It didn’t seem like “classic” colic. Dillon didn’t really have terrible gas and why all the arching?”