Applied Kinesiology is a comprehensive method that allows the treatment of underlying issues, as well as the more surface-level symptoms. Each muscle is connected to a specific acupuncture meridian and each bone is tied to an associated circuit. Even your emotions are connected to your organs and glands; all of these are included in this wiring web. For example, a problem with your adrenal gland could throw off the placement of your sartorius muscle, leading to a misalignment in, let’s say, your hip.

Using highly specialized muscle analysis techniques, Applied Kinesiology helps to examine and expose nerve function in your body. Using touch, body language and gentle pressure, we can use Applied Kinesiology to assess your condition. The body is an adept communicator through the feeling of its skin, subtle gradations in muscle tension, and concentrated beds of pressure points. Your gait and posture can even tell Dr. Anderson a great deal about your particular structural issues. The process used in this technique allows us to respond to your body as a complete system. Applied Kinesiology helps solve symptoms, as well as develop treatment programs to address underlying mental, physical & behavioral issues.