Pain, Tingling and Numbness Thwarted By
Continuing Chiropractic Care

Elizabeth first came to Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center because she was experiencing persistent numbness and tingling in her left hand, in addition to pain and stiffness in her neck and lower back. She had tried nothing prior to coming in for treatment, except for trying to ignore her troubles and hoping they would disappear.

After coming in for consistent treatments, Elizabeth now says “My numbness and tingling are completely gone and my back feels a million times better! I also feel unexpectedly happier than I have been in a while! Thanks, Dr. Christine!””

Amazing Results Achieved Through
Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

James first consulted Dr. Anderson, because he was experiencing back pain, in addition to feeling unhealthy. Prior to seeking Dr. Anderson’s help, James had tried taking relaxing baths, which would work temporarily, but his back pain and sense of unhealthiness would still linger.

Since beginning a regular treatment schedule with Dr. Anderson and weekly massages with Rumi, James now says “ I have received amazing results! My back pain is gone, I have more explosive energy, feel super healthy,
and a better sense of well being.”

Awful Cold Symptoms Eased With the Help of Chiropractic

Monica Morton caught a nasty chest cold from her 4-year-old son. She tried to treat her symptoms with homeopathic remedies and plenty of rest, which seemed to work to a certain degree. But, Monica felt her body could not fight the horrible cough, that accompanied the cold, anymore and she needed some help.
Monica came to see Dr. Chris on the third day of her dreadful chest cold. Soon after her visit with Dr. Chris, Monica said, “My coughing subsided that first night, so that I could get rest!”

Incessant Pain Diminished By Frequent Treatments

Caryn Coleman seemed to have neck pain and a headache all the time. Caryn tried changing her pillow, which didn’t alleviate any of her discomfort. She also tried pain relievers, which didn’t help much, if at all. Caryn even tried to ignore her pains and hoped that they would just go away, but they didn’t. Caryn decided to come see Dr. Anderson. After 3 weeks of frequent treatments, Caryn now says, “Dr. Chris’ chiropractic care has relieved the pain in my neck and my constant headache. I am sleeping better now and even my mood has improved!”

Delighted Patient Freed of Pain And Assisted With Fertility

Frustrated because nothing else was helping; Laura first came to see Dr. Chris because she was having hip and shoulder stiffness accompanied by major shooting pains in her hips. She was also having a difficult time holding on to pregnancies.
10 months later with the help of Dr. Chris’ sensible advice, chiropractic adjustments and homeopathy Laura says, “ I’m now 7 ¾ months pregnant. I’ve had no problems with back or hip pain through my pregnancy- I feel great. Both my hip and shoulder pain are completely gone!”

Positive Results From Chiropractic Exhibited in Entire Family!

Keane, Anita and Kyla first came to see Dr. Anderson to understand why the family was having certain problems. Keane was having some problems with balance and then Anita`s back went out- while the family was on vacation! With frequent chiropractic adjustments, Anita states “the whole family has experienced a state of peace like never before and Anita has her energy back after 10 years of chronic fatigue!”

Less Stress and More Clarity

“I had my first yoga session ever and felt I did something scary to my neck- it felt like my neck bone was popping out of place! I was really worried and stressed out. Dr. Chris saw me the same day I called. With weekly adjustments- I honestly feel fabulous! I have less tension in my neck and my digestion has improved 110%. My state of mind is clear, I feel less stressed and more calm.” -Stephanie Luciano-Smith

Patient Feels Healthier Than Ever
Art Gallegos was experiencing back pain that would not go away! He had tried everything, even acupuncture, but nothing seemed effective enough to really tackle Art`s back problem. Finally Art decided to try chiropractic. Seeing Dr. Anderson has been the most effective choice in health care for Art. Art say`s “The most effective of any care I have received in the past.” But most importantly “I feel healthier than I ever have. Thanks Dr. Anderson.” Thank you Art.

Our Patient, Cynthia Merino Is No Longer Suffering From Seizures
When Cynthia first came to see Dr. Anderson, it was for a twisted ankle. This was part of a recent decision to try a different route for her overall health care. After being treated for her original problem Cynthia started to notice a positive change in her overall health. She also noticed that she was less prone to injuries, due to her spine becoming more aligned. But most importantly, Cynthia has told us that since her decision to try preventative medicine and chiropractic care, she has been relieved of an even more serious ailment. Due, to Cynthia`s positive choices regarding her health, she is no longer suffering from seizures. “I have remained seizure free for 3 years.” Good for you Cynthia.

No More Dizzy Spells
Evan Mitchell was experiencing neck pain, headaches and dizzy spells, often while at work. He tried massage and stretching to relieve the tension in his neck and back. Of course, these helped some to relieve the tension, but it wasn`t until he sought chiropractic care that he really gained lasting results. After just a few visits, Evan`s neck pain was completely gone. But, more importantly he has told us that the dizzy spells and head aches have ceased to exist since his very first adjustment. Evan has told us that he feels a lot better. Thanks Evan!

Chiropractic Relieves Stress
Our patient Gabrielle Anwar and her family originally came to see Dr. Anderson for her general health. Since she has been coming for her regular chiropractic adjustments, she has experienced a feeling of being “more grounded!” and more in her body. Gabrielle has told us she feels “lighter” in her “otherwise tense neck and shoulders immediately after an adjustment.” Most importantly, she states that regular chiropractic care has shown to relieve stress. Something we all could use a little relief from! Gabrielle`s health and well being continue to improve with herbal supplements, homeopathy and spinal adjustments.

Improved Quality of Life
Our patient Jessica Shaham originally sought chiropractic care for tightness in her neck and lower back. Before coming to see Dr. Anderson, her situation was gradually getting worse. Jessica received massage periodically, which relieved the pain, but only temporally. After a series of chiropractic adjustments Jessica started to experience lasting results. “I feel much better and no longer experience constant pain “, says Jessica. “I am able to sleep better and (chiropractic has) generally improved my quality of life. :Thank You!”

Dance Student Claims Greater Flexibility Following Chiropractic Visits
Patient Jill Specht was experiencing low back pain that was limiting her movement and ability for peak performance in class. After some helpful encouragement from friends and family, Jill came to see Dr. Anderson for her overall health along with the pain and tightness in her back. Since then Jill told us that she is more Flexible! “My body`s loosened up for dance class. My muscles are beginning to tone in my back instead of being course and tight.” Not only that but Jill has shared with us that her digestion has improved, she is more educated on the benefits of chiropractic and her awareness is heightened in the foods she eats and how it relates to her digestion and overall wellness. Keep up the good work Jill!

Chiropractic Improves Quality of Energy and Flexibility!
Our patient John V. came to see Dr. Anderson, along with his family, due to a feeling he has expressed as “The feeling of being off, both in my body and spirit.” He has tried numerous forms of healing in the past, but has found that a good chiropractor is most effective for him. When we asked him what results had he received from chiro- practic care, he replied – “Flow – even flow of my energy and more flexibility.” So with regular chiropractic care, and spinal adjustments, John is in excellent health and continues to maintain his positive well being.

Results of treatment can vary from patient to patient and these testimonials are not meant to imply any guaranteed results.