We would like to invite you to our family of wonderful patients who have found vibrant health through chiropractic`s drug-free wellness approach to health care.

We urge you to read through all the information on our internet site. It will allow you to attain a more complete understanding of how to get the most of the life that is yours. It is our experience that those patients who live a Kid Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle are bound to increase their quality of life and actualize their true human potential. We are dedicated to finding solutions to your problems and helping you live better now and in your future.

At Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, the main focus is on quality chiropractic care for the entire family. Dedicated to offering a safe and completely natural form of health care to the whole family, Dr. Anderson knows that our children are the future. For this reason she has chosen to focus her energy on creating a practice geared toward family wellness care. She would like to see all children`s spines checked for subluxation soon after birth and then on a regular basis to ensure a lifetime of health – in mind, body and spirit.

There is something special about our office that you need to know before you visit us. We do not use canned treatment procedures like other doctors. While the current medical profession still deeply revolves around crises by using drugs and expensive surgeries as the answer, Wellness Care points the way toward a more comprehensive system of health care that heals the whole person by natural means. Wellness care is not treating symptoms and diseases; it is individualized treatment designed to help you and your family reach your optimum health potential through improving nerve function, nutrition, stress management, environmental health and exercise physiology.

We work with our patients developing specific, customized programs to match their individual health care needs. Our services include cranial-sacral therapy, homeopathy, and nutrition counseling. We also have a licensed massage therapist on staff.

Most of our patients come to our office for improved health and well being, not to treat a back or neck pain. Over 50% of our practice consists of newborns, infants, and children! Wellness is a very popular idea these days, but few people understand what wellness can mean to them. Wellness has nothing to do with either prevention or medicine. You could prevent all disease known to man and still not be well. You could have every drug ever manufactured available to you and it would still not bring you wellness. Wellness is a state of optimal well being. Wellness is living your genetic potential. We invite you and your family to join us in an idea whose time has come!

Our office offers many ongoing healthcare demonstrations and education on a broad array of topics such as:
Raising a Healthy Drug-Free Family, Vaccination, Antibiotics, Nutrition, Traumatic Birth Syndrome, Ritalin Controversy, Reaching Your Human Health Potential, and many other programs to keep you in touch with your health. (Go to the “Calendar of Events” for upcoming workshops.)

We also offer a number of chiropractic adjusting techniques, including non-force techniques, which are decided upon by the Doctor`s experience and patients` preferences.

We are here to serve you and will be happy to answer any questions concerning your health care — for we pride ourselves on serving happy, healthy, and enthusiastic patients. We hope that you will be extremely satisfied and will recommend Kid Chiropractic Family Wellness care for your family and friends.